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What is “Molando”?

Well simply put we are suar or monkey pod wood slab supplier and wood furniture producer here in Thailand. Our factory is located in the Sung-Men district in Phrae. Our combination of experience, precision, and meticulous commitment to quality can be seen in all of the products. Providing customers with something that they can be proud of for years to come and create for the best dining experience possible.


Delicious food, beautiful smiles and constant laughter at your dinner time. That’s what we envision for each one of our products. And it’s our mission to share that with as many people as we can.


Like a philosopher once said “Doing a job that you love is the most precious thing one can do in their lifetime, to do something with delight will make you more skilled, and lead you to be an expert in the future”. We are a group of people who have chosen to do the job that we love. To create the best products we can. A product that brings people together in a divided world. So, choose “Molando”. Your business is welcomed. Your trust is valued. And your dining experience is our passion.


Why Choose us?

Important, all product will be passed through a drying process for insect protection


We hope in the future to develop our product to ensure the highest quality for long term use.

The product will be organized and stocked in Molando’s warehouse and also will be safe packed before the delivery.

So, no need to worry that your products will be damaged.

We use a reliable shopping company service which includes delivery insurance for you while the products are delivering from the factory to port.


We offer a 3 month warranty after delivery in case got damaged from the factory.




Tel. +66 62 920 1970

WhatApp: +66 62 920 1970

Email: molando.selling@gmail.com

(sales and general enquiries)




Factory: House no.67 Village no.3, Don-moon Sub-district, Sungmen district, Phrae, Thailand 54130






Monday to Saturday: 


Sunday & Holiday: Closed




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